Booty Camp OC

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Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. The motivation comes from within. No one can hand it to you, but no one can take it away, either. So start your journey with me today. 

7am – 8pm Weekdays
7am-8pm Saturday

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"The body achieves
what the mind Believes."



"Nicki is the best! I have been going to her bootcamp for over three years and have never felt stronger.  Our group is truly like a family.  I am amazed at how she meets our individual needs, pushing us but knowing our limits.  Dependable, funny, and caring - like I said, Nicki is the best!"
- Alonda H.


"I have been going to Nicki's boot camp for over six years.  She has always been 100% committed to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals.  Her intense strength of mind, body and soul is the positive energy she radiates."
- Leslie L.


"Find the reasons,
lose the excuses,
gain the results"



  • Medicine Balls

  • Bosu

  • Boxing Gloves

  • Punching Bag

  • Tires

  • Yoga Mats & Blocks

  • Battle Ropes

  • Suspended Ropes

  • Barbells

  • Free Weights

  • Weight Training Gloves

  • Step Benches